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Brandão, Lenise (Brasil)
Calviño, Natalia (Argentina)
Carrera, mabel susana (argentina)
Castro Soto, Walter (Argentina)
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Coppe, Antonio (Brasil)
Curiotto, Giulia (Italia)
Da Silva eleodoro, Luis Guilherme (Brasil)
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Priels, Jean-Marc (Belgica)
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Repetto Puelles, María (Argentina)
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Rud, claudio (Argentina)
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Werba, Carolina (Uruguay)
Wrona, Raquel (Brasil)
Yamashita, Kazuo (Japon)
Yedra, Luis Rey (Mexico)


Dear colleagues and friends,

Welcome to the 14th International PCA Forum to be held in Buenos Aires, from November 6 to 12, 2017.

Mainly, the Forum offers us an encounter place for exchanging our experiences. A space for professional training and human development based on person centered values. A site available to reciprocal communication that facilitates the production of knowledge and practices of health and well-being for the community in general and that contributes to deepen the vocation for the care and transformation of people.

It is a privileged for Argentina to host this important event for the second time and we are very happy for that. This occurrence offers us the opportunity of a pleasant meeting with "old" friends, the joy of knowing some "new" ones and the great possibility of combining the exchange of theoretical reflections and practical experiences with agreeable moments of rejoicing and personal encounter.

We look forward to welcoming you in our beloved Buenos Aires. We believe that we will have an extremely suitable scope for an enriching professional meeting, and for a deep and unforgettable relational experience.

We invite you to visit periodically our website,, where you will find the news about the organization of the Forum.

We are waiting for you in Buenos Aires in 2017!